Surviving the Storm

I know I was supposed to do the vacation adventures part two like two weeks ago, but before I was supposed to make it, I got hit by hurricane Irma. Thankfully, I got no damage other then a tree falling on a porch swing that was rusty and almost broken anyway. Aside from all the […]

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Vacation Adventures Part 1

A few months back, I went on a two-week vacation with my grandparents. We went to Lion Country Safari first, a aquarium that I forgot the name of second, and a beach third, but unfortunately I do not have pictures of the beach. Lion Country Safari, for those who have not been, is kind of […]

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Garden Animals

When you have a garden as large as the one my family has (or larger), you are bound to find a lot of animals. We have three gardens, on is basically a large rectangle of almost no organization, or at least it looks that way to me, another has three squares, all of different heights, […]

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