Garden Animals

When you have a garden as large as the one my family has (or larger), you are bound to find a lot of animals.

We have three gardens, on is basically a large rectangle of almost no organization, or at least it looks that way to me, another has three squares, all of different heights, in a nice triangle like formation, and the third is a rose garden along a wall of our house.

What we grow in the gardens changes year round, for the most part. four are three plants that I do not think will leave the garden. One, our sunflowers, two, our peppers, three, our roses, and finally four, the weeds. These plants, and all the others, which usually includes beans and cabbage, attracts lots of animals. This post will cover most of them, the ones I have pictures of.

Lets start with the caterpillar. Its the green one that you first saw as the main picture.Caterpillar WP

This caterpillar was found on a bean stalk in our garden made of squares. It actually had another caterpillar with it, same type, but the second vanished overnight. They looked oddly fuzzy.

frog WP.jpg

This frog was, once again, on a bean plant. He was surprisingly fine with me taking his picture,  and he did not move, until I accidentally bumped his leaf. We were out in the garden to look at sunflowers when we saw him.

Dragonfly WP

This dragonfly was also found on a bean plant. Can someone tell me why all of these critters like the bean plants? Anyway, this guy was really hard to take pictures of. My sister found him on that stalk, but when I tried to photograph him, hey flew off. I ended up chasing him around the yard for about 3 minutes. He finally landed in the same place on the same bean stalk, and stayed put long enough for me to take a picture of him.


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