My Camera and Photograph History

I wanted to make a post today, so I decided to do one on my camera equipment. I just have one problem: I don’t have a whole load of equipment right now, I mean I just have one camera with one lens, but I decided I may as well do a post on that anyway. But then I got to thinking, why make a post on just that? I should probably put my history of photography somewhere, so I decided to put my that in here too.

For twelve years I had no clue that I would enjoy photography. I wanted to be a game programmer, and I was actually okay with programming. Like, I was nothing special at it, but let’s move on. So, I had a photography class in the early months of 2017, with a small blue digital camera. I would tell you what model and brand it was, but I haven’t used it in a while, and it seems to have wandered of. Have you ever noticed that, when you leave an item alone and put away for several months, it seemingly vanishes when you try to look for it? That’s what happened for me.

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I live in Florida. My family and I went to Sun n’ Fun on one of the last days of year, and Mom had a spare DSLR camera, which she let me borrow, because I enjoyed the photography class I had. I discovered three things that day: one, I loved using a DSLR camera, two, I am quite good with it, and three, paragliding looks awesome and I want to try it.  The Paragliders WP

Does that not look like fun? Anyways, after Sun n’ Fun, I started taking my camera on travels, and took a lot of pictures of pictures of animals I found in the garden and yard. Moving on.

A while after Sun n’ fun, we went to someones birthday party, and by this time I knew about macro photography, but that day at the party really sparked my interest. But before I get ahead of myself, let’s rewind to the start. When we got to the church where the party was being held, I saw a monarch butterfly flying around. After bringing a lot of food in, I went out and took pictures of it.Butterfly WP

While the party was going, I got the task of taking pictures. As anyone could tell you, life is short, start with desserts. That’s what I did. There were chocolate cupcakes, and a large pink cake. I took pictures of those, and several other things as well. I will make a slideshow below of those pictures.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So yeah, thats it. Oh wait, I forgot some thing. At the end of the party, after eating food and whatnot, I had a cupcake. They were marvelous. They were just the right texture, moisture, and flavor in both the cupcake and the icing.cupcake2 WP

Well, after that, I took pictures of caterpillars and frogs and other animals, I will put pictures of them in a future post, and kept this up until Aug. 19 2017, which, if you have read my post “2017 Solar Eclipse” then you know that I went to North Carolina for the eclipse. If you want to see pictures of that, there are some in the post, and I will be putting more on eventually. And that sums up my photography history.

Okay, now moving on to equipment that I have, and hopes for the future.

Starting with the camera. I have a Nikon D3200 camera, with a basic 18-55 mm lens. While this lens is okay, I find that I have to crop and resize almost all of my pictures, so I hope to get a 85-200 mm lens or higher. My memory chip is a SanDisk Ultra 32GB 80 MB memory chip. During the eclipse, I borrowed a tripod, but it was not mine, so yet another thing I want to get at some point, but the lens I would like to buy first. Also a larger camera bag. Well, thats my history of photography and my camera equipment.

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