Book Series Review

I have read hundreds of books, many I like, and only a couple I did not care for. But, out of all of those, there are four that I like the best.

The author that wrote the books is Christopher Paolini, and the book series is called the Inheritance cycle. (WARNING! there may be spoilers)Books-for-book-review-WP

The main plot starts in Carvahall, where the main character, Eragon (pronounced EHR-uh-gahn) finds a mysterious blue stone in the mountains known as the Spine. The evil king Galbatorix (pronounced gal-buh-TOR-icks) sends his servants, the Ra’zac, (RAA-zach) after him. Eventually, the stone begins to crack apart, and a blue dragon called Saphira (suh-FEAR-uh) emerges. Thus begins an epic adventure to see the dwarves in Farthen Dǔr (Far-then DURE), and eventually to Ellesmëra (el-uhs-MEER-uh) to meet the elves, where he will train with to become a Rider, and he learns about the Ancient Language, which can be used to manipulate energy, also called magic. When he discovers his friends in the Varden are under attack, he joins them to fight the Empire, and king Galbatorix.

I would put more in, but it would give away what happens.

My favorite part is when Eragon and Saphira travel to Ellesmëra, and my favorite character is one not mentioned in my summery, he is a Werecat known as Solembum.

If you have read this series, would you let me know your thoughts on it?

Thanks to Christopher Paoline for writing these books.

Atra esterní ono thelduin!

(May good fortune rule over you!)

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