Vacation Adventures Part 1

A few months back, I went on a two-week vacation with my grandparents. We went to Lion Country Safari first, a aquarium that I forgot the name of second, and a beach third, but unfortunately I do not have pictures of the beach.

Lion Country Safari, for those who have not been, is kind of like a amusement park without roller coasters crossed with a zoo. When you enter, you go down a long drive-in zoo, and then you enter the park.


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This slideshow shows only a few of the animals in the drive-in zoo. Once inside, there are numerous animals, from birds to alpacas. While I have no picture of it, Lion Country Safari has a large water park as well.

Moving on. Inside the park, we went to see more animals.Duck WP.jpg

First we went to the fish, where I met this guy. He came up to me while I was feeding fish leftover food I found in the 25ยข fish food dispenser, (hey, I had no quarters) and this duck swam up to me. He accepted food from my hand gently, and did not go after what I gave to the fish. He even stayed still for me, like the civilized duck he wanted to be. Of course the fish were not nearly as polite.

Pretty bird picture WP

This bird was in a tent, along with others, and he was just perching on that rope, almost begging me to take it’s picture. After I took a few pictures, I fed it some kind of liquid bird feed.Parrots WP

On our way to feed the giraffes, we went past these parrots, and after watching them, the two red ones on the left started pecking each other, so I took a picture. Speaking of parrots, I have plenty more pictures, but they all share the same story, so it’s going to be a slide show. Please tell me which ones you like!

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Part two will (hopefully) come out next week!

4 thoughts on “Vacation Adventures Part 1

  1. Ah, yes. The parrots. I remember those big guys. My favorite picture is the parrot with the wing out (the color one). They are so colorful; it blew my mind!
    Did you go to the giraffe feeding spot? That was my favorite place at Lion Country Safari. Hopefully more about the exotic creatures in Part Two!

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