Surviving the Storm

I know I was supposed to do the vacation adventures part two like two weeks ago, but before I was supposed to make it, I got hit by hurricane Irma. Thankfully, I got no damage other then a tree falling on a porch swing that was rusty and almost broken anyway.

Aside from all the wind and rain that started like 5 hours before hand, the actual storm hit around 11:00 at night. The wall sounded like a giant leaf blower was turned on and off. I had to sit in a cramped closet with three large dogs, one of whom wanted to go outside. Transistors exploded with loud nasty bangs, and around 12 at night, I lost power.

I had no power for almost 48 hours, and in that time, the house heated like a boiling teakettle. Really, the best way I found to escape the heat was to lay on the floor and spread myself out. I could not open the fridge or freezer, because those had to stay cold as long as possible, so things did not go bad. Thankfully, I had flowing water, but I did not drink it, instead using bottled water. Meals included sandwiches, chicken grilled on the propane grill, and dinner at a friend’s house when I went there to charge my electronics, for they had power.

Aside from the tree I mentioned above, I also had loads of tiny branches and enough leaves to build another tree come down, and most of my garden was destroyed.

Thankfully, that was all the damage I got, and I know some people were not as lucky, so I’m not complaining about what I got.

12 thoughts on “Surviving the Storm

  1. I recently did a post on Irma as well, and you can see the damage pics from there (thankfully not that bad). I mention why I was not very hot during this storm in the post; the house I live in is old and has no A.C, but many windows (we kept all of them open). We usually have a fan or two on to circulate air, but without electricity that was gone, along with the ability to charge cell phones and take warm showers. It only took you two days to get power back?! It took us nearly a week – at least I had some of the best grilled food of my life! (Really, it was that good! LOL!)
    I’m also glad it was not going straight up the east coast like they said – we’re very lucky! I’m very happy that there was not too much damage to us, and sad for the people that lost their homes in other places.

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    1. Yeah I am glad that what I had was not any worse. To be honest though, I actually liked the first morning without the hurricane! It was all cool outside, and when it warmed up, the numerous gusts of wind kept circulation. But yes, I also had amazing grilled chicken wraps.

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      1. I agree, the day after the hurricane was nice and cool. The wind gusts were very nice. I was starving the day of the hurricane (all I ate the entire day was bread and peanut butter; no stove) and thankfully there was a propane camping stove and yummy eggs were cooked for breakfast.


      2. You know, after hearing on the news about how insanely destructive hurricanes are I was all like “ermergurdneshwhawillIdoohnoderpwhawillidooooo…..” but it was not very bad. Exept for losing power, the after affects, for me, were quite nice actually. Also, this was the first hurricane I remember, also the very first one where the eyewall passed over me.

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