Vacation Adventures part 2

I know I was supposed to do this last week, but hurricane Irma was like “Nooooo you won’t do it this week. Nooooo I’m going to make you lose power so you can’t! Mwahahaha,” but here it is anyway. Take that, Irma!

Anyway, I left of saying that I was going to feed the giraffes, and I payed a whopping 2 whole dollars to feed them! Also, I went to Lion Country Safari last year, and I was allowed to pet the giraffes then, but not now! Oh well, I will just tell you from experience, if you can convince one to let you pet them, they are actually very soft. they have insane tongues, too. Also, when giving them lettuce, it’s tongue might catch you in its slimy-like grip.


Also, they stare. Especially when you have lettuce. They look at you, with an expression that looks like they’re saying “give me that lettuce, human, or I will stare at you,”.

These guys are huge. They are also slow. And they like to eat. Can you guess what I’m talking about? If you guessed tortoise, then we have a winner! These ginormous tortoises live in the drive-in zoo, and if one decides to cross the road in front of you, be prepared to wait a while. They have huge grey shells on their backs, large enough to ride on. When watching them, I noticed that for some reason, they often could not support themselves, and fall over. DSC_0406d

Next up, more lettuce-eaters. Perhaps my favorite place in the park to be, aside from the giant water park, is in the pen with the goats. Not much to say about these guys, other then the fact that they are awesome, cuddly, awesome, fun to pet, and did I mention awesome? Yes, I love goats.DSC_0918d

When I visited them, I actually got to see two of them fight each other, I think over some food. They settled down after a few minutes, but I was lucky to see it happening, and lucky that I had my camera.DSC_0985d


Well, that wraps it up for Lion Country Safari, and next week I will hopefulle put out part three, where I will cover an aquarium. Bye!

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