Vacation Adventures Part 3

Yep! We are at part three all ready! This time we are going to look at fish. So many fish……

So, after my our entire group finished the entire TWO WHOLE DAYS OF PURE FUN we packed up and, unfortunately, left Lion Country Safari. Once again, we were on the road for ages and ages, but at least this time the trip was only half as long, since we were staying at another park for a night halfway home, so we did not have to spend literally all day on the road, and we got to go to a aquarium for a few hours.

I am going to try to put quite a few pictures of fish and whatnot in, but as anyone who has tried to photograph through glass or water, it is hard. Anyway… when we first went into the aquarium, we had to stand in line for what felt like a million years, (probably just 20 min. though) before we got admittance into aquarium. The aquarium was HUGE. The building itself had several large fish tanks, with things like pufferfish and angelfish and crabs and strange silver fish that repeatedly bashed themselves against the edge of the tank.

Aside from the fish, and the gift shop, there was one thing inside the building that really caught my eye. It was a giant turtle made of recycled items, including sandals, shoes, and bottle caps.DSC_0144d.jpg

Outside of the building there were several ponds, one of which was ENORMOUS, and in those ponds were assorted turtles and sharks. The turtles were my favorite. I was able to see the cast members feed the sharks, and they were flapping their flippers around like no tomorrow. 5 feet up, and I still felt the splash of the water. Oh well, a little shark-enriched water won’t hurt anyone.DSC_0165d

These turtles were awesome. They were large enough to ride on! Unfortunately, the people who ran the aquarium did not let any one do that. Oh well, maybe another day.  Soo, while we were at the aquarium, we got to see them feeding some sharks, as I mentioned earlier, but none of my pictures came out. To much water movement to see anything in them, so I’ll just tell you. Might put in a picture later, but I want to finish this blog post sooner rather then later. Anyways, they had this big white container filled with what appeared to be some kind of horrible-colored clay, that was dripping a bit. They assured us that it was just cooked fish, but I would not want to eat it. When they started throwing the “fish” in, the sharks started to go nuts for the stuff, so I guess it was not that bad, but still, I’d pass on it.They were whipping up that water like no-one’s business. They were leaping over each other, flapping their tails around, swimming in a frenzy to get the stuff. (but really, there were live fresh un-drippy fish in the water. Was that drippy mess of clay really worth all that? If you ever try it, please let me know. You cannot get me to touch the stuff though.) Unfortunately, the aquarium was not as large as Lion Country Safari, so that was basically all that happened at that place. Let me know what you thought about this three-part series!

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