The Floating Islands Book Review

Its that time again! I personally enjoy making book reviews, so expect more in the future. Anyway, this book review book is called, as you guessed, the floating islands. This incredibly good book was written by Rachel Neumeier, one of her two young adult books.

The two main characters, are known as Trei and Aranè. The story begins following Trei after he lost his home in Rounn, and he quickly decides that he wants to become kajuraihi, or the island fliers, who use the same dragon magic that keep the islands floating to coax the winds to support them. Aranè is a talented cook, making the very best meals for her family. She wants to become a chef for the king, but she is not allowed, because she is a girl. When Trei becomes a kajuraihi, he learns the way of flight, and how to lay out the wings. Meanwhile, Aranè manages to find herself in the secret school, meaning that she might be a mage. Unfortunately, Trei’s uncle and aunt died from a foreign sickness, just leaving Aranè as his family. When they both go of their seperate ways, to the secret school and the flight school, Tolounn’s little emperor decides to attack the floating islands, wanting to claim them for Tolounn. Three engines get built on the beach, creating power to drive the dragons that keep the floating islands in the sky away. The floating islands that they pass begin to sink, and Aranè accidentally obtains a fire dragon egg. She gives it the the kajuraihi, and Trei ends up throwing it into the middle furnace, causing it to explode. One problem remains, though. Though there was enough heat in the furnace to hatch the egg, when it exploded, the heat was no longer enough to sustain the dragon. Also, Trei gets captured and locked up by the Tolounese. Another kajuraihi manages to convince an air dragon to (somehow) turn into a fire dragon to break open the earth, to save the fire dragon, also winning the war for the Islands.

I feel that this book was very well done, especially how it goes as far as explaining how the floating islands stay suspended in the air. All the characters all have a unique personality, and I think my favorite character is the fire dragon Aranè meets. I feel that Rachel Neumier is a very talented author, and I want to read her other young adult book, called the city in the lake.DSC_0237.JPG

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