Happy Halloween!

This is Halloween! You know what that means right? Its time to grab the largest bag you can find, put on the craziest costume in your closet, and hope that Mom does not steal (sorry, “thoughtfully take away”) it all. What is your favorite part of Halloween? I think I would have to say mine is creating costumes. I don’t do that much now, because I no longer go trick-or-treating, but I can remember what I used to dress up as. Once, my sister and I both decided to completely hand make our costumes, using large spare boxes. I made my costume a TARDIS, because I am a doctor who nerd, and my sister dressed up as a giant pink tiger, because she is obsessed with those. Her costume actually used a bit of a pool tube for the tail.

Another thing I enjoy about Halloween: getting to see Halloween decorations. I remember one house that had a miniature tree that screamed when you got close to it. Actually, I did not see it until I stepped over it to let my sister by, and I can certainly say it scared me. I also once saw a hand made ghost zip line once, where the ghost was hidden, and the person giving out candy must of had a remote, because when we walked up to him, out came the ghost. It was actually very neat, if I do say so myself.

Of course, it is Halloween, so I cannot leave out the jack-o-lanterns. Most of them I have seen are just faces, but one year we took a raspberry pi and made a rainbow jack-o-lantern. We once decorated plastic pumpkins, too. I (tried) to make mine a vampire, and my sister made hers a pink tiger. I found what Mom did really cool though: she took hers and put tiny bits of crayons on it and used a hair dryer to melt the crayons. Once she was done with that, she also put in rhinestones for the ultimate rainbow pumpkin.

Coming to the main part of Halloween now, the candy. Who doesn’t like candy? Most of what  you will get appears to be things like m&ms and skittles. Out of the two, I prefer skittles, because I like the sour and/or fruity candies. My favorite flavor is orange. What is your favorite type of candy? Anyway, I don’t really like toe super sweet candys, the cherry flavors, and most of the strawberry candies, but I do like Starburst’s strawberry, but I feel the orange and lemon flavors are the best.

How do you celebrate Halloween? Let me know, I want to hear it. Happy Halloween! Mwahahaha……………………………

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