Book Review: Nick of Time

This book is unusual, but an incredibly good concept. The book i mostly taken place in 1937, before World War II, but some of it also takes place several hundred years before that.

I’m getting ahead of myself though, so lets re-wind a bit. The main characters are Nick and Kate, and the adventure begins when a mysterious chest washes up, and pirates from 200 years in the past show up looking for it. Turns out they had one of the two Tempus Machinas, time machines inventor by Leonardo da Vinci, and they are looking for the second one. Kate accidentally alerts the pirates to the chest, and Billy Blood, one of the pirates tells Nick to hand it over. Nick refuses, and his dog Jip gets kidnapped (dognapped?) by the pirates.

Nick and Kate end up sailing to Hawk’s castle, on the other end of the island. Lord Hawk and his assistant, Hobbes, manage to open the chest to find the second Tempus Machina, and Lord Hawk, Nick, and Nick’s friend, Gunner, travel back in time to attempt to defeat Billy Blood, and Kate and Hobbes end up getting captured by the German, in a new massive submarine.

I think this book was really well done, and the author, Ted Bell, did a really good job. This story almost feels like it was real, but it was not completely serious, there was a bit of humor in it. Thanks once again to Ted Bell, for writing this incredible book.DSC_0294

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