Playing With Fire

No, I promise I was not actually playing with fire. At least, not in the juggling candles aspect. My family and I had a lot of cardboard and broken wood fence to get rid of, and somehow, we decided to burn it all to the ground. Literally.

Unfortunately, I did not get very many pictures of the flames, because I did not want to damage my camera.

In this picture, wind had just started blowing, which made the flames go higher. Once, the fire got up to 3 feet higher due to wind.
In this one, I turned the ISO down, and the shutter speed longer, to get a blurred effect.


Like the one above, I had the ISO turned down, but I forgot to change the shutter speed.
Nothing unusual here, just more fire balls

Now, I know what you’re thinking: that’s all? I know I know. I actually got eight, but the other four weren’t as good. That’s all for today, and kids, never play with fire. I am a professional (yeah… lets go with that) photographer. I get to do these things. See ya!

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