My Personal Favorites of 2017

Okay, okay. I know that I have not been doing this very long, but I have collected a bunch of pictures over time period, and I want to show of my top 5. Now, I will include pictures from other blog posts of mine, but there will also be some new ones, too. I hope to do one of these near the end of every year.

I had to start with this one. This one is actually one of my oldest pictures, and its of some really old books my Mom had on a shelf. It remains one of my favorite pictures to this day.
Those of you who have read my post on Hurricane Irma will recognize this one. This picture had nothing to do with Irma when I took it, it was actually an attempt at doing a macro photo of my dog Molly. It is one of my favorites because of her expression.
B&W blueangels
This one was at the 2017 Sun N’ Fun. This one is one of my favorites because I feel that it has a charm to it because it is black and white.
This was actually one of my very first pictures. It was with my blue digital point and shoot camera, and its one of my favorites because of that, and how Molly is looking at the camera.
Last but not least, this picture was taken when I was in North Carolina to view the 2017 solar eclipse. This is one of my favorites because of how everything is positioned, especially how it is “framed” with the bushes in the foreground.

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