Christmas Traditions

Except for 2016, where my family and I went to North Carolina for Christmas, (we are Floridians. We had to see the snow) we pretty much do the same things for Christmas every year. About a week or so before Christmas we have a Christmas tree decorating party, where lots of people come over. We eat Mom’s chili, with added oyster crackers, and of course, decorate the Christmas tree.It is usually around dinner time, so we all eat before putting up ornaments.

On Christmas Eve, my grandparents come over for Dinner, and my sister and I both get a new pair of pajamas to wear that night. We also have a newer tradition to get a book to read that night, to.

On Christmas Day, my grandparents come over again, and we all eat breakfast, which usually includes biscuits, cheese grits, eggs, and bacon. After our feast, we will group around the Christmas tree, and open our presents, starting with our stockings. After we go through all that and fill up an entire trash bag with wrapping paper, we will go over to our grandparent’s house, and open up even more presents there, some of which stay.

Well, that’s my family’s Christmas traditions! What are yours?

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