Photography Class – Week 2

First of, I know I have not been doing blog posts recently, but this semester is being crazy. Also, week 1 will (hopefully) come out soon.

Moving on! The photography class that I am taking is run on Outschool by a wonderful teacher known as Ms. Elkins (oh yes. Shout out to Ms. Elkins). Each week I have two photography assignments, and this week the two prompts I have are making pictures representing “light” and pictures representing the letter “B”.

Lets start with the category light. I had fun with this one, coming up with ways to represent light.

I know that this picture is darkish, but that is as bright as I could get it using Photoshop. I was trying to take a picture of the light behind me reflecting off the clock face, but I managed to get in the position to where it made a rainbow.
I know this is not my best picture, but I liked the way the light reflected through the crystal polar bear. Let me know what you think!
Following the polar bear above, I also took a picture of this crystal nutcracker through the light, but this time my flash decided to fire, giving me this effect. Maybe I should have my flash fire on the polar bear, too.
Yay for the power of editing! This picture was not actually that grey, I just thought it looked nice in black and white, but I wanted to leave just a tiny bit of color in the lamp shade.
And the last picture representing light, this light bulb is following the same editing theme as the lamp above, being black and white,  but with a bit of red. I don’t actually know why the wall behind it is a bit red too, the wall is actually blue.

Now that we covered all of the photography prompt “light”, lets move on to the prompt “B”.

More pictures this way!

But before we start, I apologize that I was not feeling especially creative when I took these pictures.

Ok now we can move on!

This picture is (gasp) representing B with the color blue! (I said I was not feeling very creative, expect to see more blue later on.) Anyway, I decided to take a macro picture of the clothes.
Can you guess how this represents B? If you guessed the color brown, we have a winner! I liked the colors in this candle, and I thought that it could represent the letter B.
This is my dog Clementine on a blue couch. I liked the contrast between brown and blue, and since both colors start with B, I thought that this also would work. (I said I was not feeling creative.)
This picture is a bunch of dirt, and no, not in a bad way. Can anyone see an ongoing pattern here? I mean blues and browns? I think its time to change that.
Yay! A picture representing the letter B in a different way then brown or blue! oh wait. The waffles and the honey on them are brown. Lets ignore that fact. This actually represents the letter B because the waffles were my breakfast. No, not because they were brown. Also, they were tasty waffles.

Well, I thing that just about rounds everything up! And, once again, shout out to Ms. Elkins on Outschool! She is a wonderful teacher who does this photography class, and other fun ones like a class where we play Dungeons and Dragons for the entire thing, and a course on how to survive a zombie invasion!

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