My Minecraft Story

I am finishing up a Minecraft space club course over Outschool, and I had to write a story for it, in the point of view of someone living in a martian colony. There are some pictures in it, I did not make them though, so thanks to the creators of the pictures, and sorry, I do not know who made them. Now that all that is out of the way, here is the story.



Thursday, Jan. 11, 2018


I am Steve, a human in the world know as Minecraft1.12, and I am training to be one of the first humans on the planet Mars. In fact, I have finished my training, so I am just waiting for the time to go into the rocket. The rocket is supposed to be a two way rocket, so we can go to Mars, and come back when we are done. I cannot wait to begin! Oh, I have to go. The rocket is starting get the necessary supplies and food for the journey, and I have to help. I will write later!


Saturday, Jan. 13, 2018


The rocket has been equipped with the supplies and materials, fueled up, and we are ready for launch. It has been decided that we are going to bring a dog with us, mostly to see how he reacts, to see if it is safe for dogs. The dog’s name is Amber. The plan is to launch tomorrow, on Sunday, so we are spending the last minutes here on Minecraft1.12. Me, I think that I am just going to sleep in my bed at home, for I will need to be up early to board the ship.


Sunday Jan. 14, 2018


We have launched! When boarded the ship, lots of people were watching us, so I was hoping nothing would go wrong, and nothing seems to have yet so far. When we finally launched, I had to be in the nose of the rocket to help launch it, but now we are in space, headed towards Mars. Now I have some free time to write in this log. Anyway, space from the rocket looks really neat, much better than on Minecraft1.12. There are still the square stars, but we can actually see more of the universe now.minecraftspaceThat’s the view from here! I can’t see Mars from the viewing deck, though. Oh well, I guess I will be seeing plenty of Mars once we get there. Today has been a long day, so I am going to go locate the sleeping area. I’m going to take Amber with me, she does not seem to like the viewing deck.


Tuesday Jan. 16, 2018

We have arrived! We are still on the rocket, waiting for everything to settle before we leave to go explore. I am anxious to go, and Amber seems to be sharing my feelings about that.minecraftmarsThis is what Mars looks like from the viewing deck though. I think that my fellow astronaut Alex is ready to go onto mars. I am going to get into my space suit, and help Amber into her special dog space suit as well.


Tuesday Jan. 16, 2018 update


We have explored Mars, and settled on a good spot to start work on building our starting colony. Amber definitely enjoyed the lower gravity on mars, especially once she found out what happens when she jumps. We are back in the spaceship, planning on how we want to start. I think that we should start on the farms, because we are going to need food at some point. Well, I’m off to see what we decide on.


Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2018


We are going with farms, because Alex thinks that I have good reasons for that. She wanted to do a main room, for us and Amber to be comfortable, but she eventually decided that farms would be more important. We started on building the foundation for one farm dome, probably the wheat farm, but it becoming functional is still far away in the future. The plan is to have the wheat split into four sections in the dome, with walkways in between them, and a large tree in the middle, but the tree will have to wait. I need to go, I am supposed to help Alex build the wheat farm, and I need to put Amber in her room on the rocketship.


Friday, Jan. 19, 2018.


We have finished the dome for the farm, and Alex is putting the soil in for the wheat. It’s pretty big, considering its our first build. The floor is just a thin layer of iron, and the soil is currently just sitting on top of that. The iron also makes walls about three feet high, before the glass dome starts. I suppose I have to go help Alex plant the wheat, and supply it with enough oxygen to sustain the plants.


Saturday, Jan 20, 2018


We have finished the wheat farm, and made a tunnel from it to the rocket, as to not lose any oxygen. We also have an airlock on the other side, that sucks oxygen back into the wheat farm when we want to go out into Mars. Now that we have the wheat farm, Alex wants to build another farm, preferably potatoes, for variety. I’m not going to argue with that logic. I am going to go plan that out with her now.


Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018

Ok. We have decided to build an identical farm next to the wheat farm, except with potatoes, and we decided to, while we are at it, to build a carrot farm too. Alex also has the idea to save seeds, so that we can replant crops if one dome gets breached. She also wants to add airtight doors between domes, so that if one dome cracks, we still have the others. We decided to start building today, but I convinced Alex to give me time to write this. Also, Amber is definitely thrilled with having more room to roam around, but sometimes we catch her chewing on wheat stalks. We should probably build that main room soon. Maybe we could do that after we build the farms.


Wednesday, January 24, 2018


We have finished the farms! We decided to build the main area underground, so that we can avoid surface radiation, and if there is a storm, we are somewhere safe from it. I can’t say much right now, for it’s going to be a big project, and I need to help Alex. Maybe Amber will help us dig.


Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018


We have finished the main area, or at least the outer edges. We still have to build the inside, but at least we have a place to be out of the sun. It’s a fairly big room, with iron walls, and we have a glass tunnel connecting it to the ship. Building this room, we have also used up our iron supply. We are going to have to send out our supply drone back to Minecraft1.12 soon.


Thursday, Feb. 1, 2018


Well, we have a problem. Somehow, the amount of fuel needed for the rocket and the supply drone got miscalculated, and we don’t have enough fuel for the little drone. Here’s hoping that we can find something on Mars.


Friday, Feb. 2, 2018

We started mining today, which is really hard in space suits, to try to find fuel. We have not gotten far. Amber is enjoying the main room, though.


Tuesday Feb. 6, 2018


We found something that we might be able to use. It’s a powdery orange material that smells horrible, but does burn for rather long periods of time. Amber has decided that she does not want to touch the stuff, and I can’t say I blame her. We decided to try it in the supply drone tomorrow.


Wednesday Feb. 7, 2018


Success! It worked! We put the powdery substance in the drone, and it was actually able to launch. I just hope the people back at Minecraft1.12 can get it to send back materials. Since we have barely enough iron to build a small area for Amber, that’s what we decided to do.


Thursday Feb. 8, 2018


We finished Amber’s little cubby hole in the main area, and Amber loves it. We used a spare sheet we had in the rocket for a bed, and Amber spent the past three hours laying there. Hopefully the supply drone will return soon, so we can build more onto our colony. We sent a note asking for some extra water,because we need more for the plants.


Saturday Feb. 10, 2018


Our supply drone arrived last night. It contained a large container of water, which Alex took right away to put in the farms, plenty of fuel for the supply drone, a squeaky stuffed fish for Amber, who absolutely loved it, as well as some food for her. They also sent us with a small mining drone, so we can build or something while it mines for resources. They also sent a note asking for a sample of the powdery fuel when we send out the drone again. That should not be for a while, though.


Monday, Feb. 12, 2018


We are currently in the middle of a giant sandstorm, and Amber does not seem to like the howling wind. Hopefully the storm will not last too long, but at least we have plenty of food and water down here in the main room. I will write later, I am going to join Alex in petting Amber, though whether it’s to settle the dog down, or us, I do not know.


Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018


Having airtight doors between farms was definitely a good idea. A crack appeared in the glass tunnel between the carrot farm and the potato farm, and had those doors not have been there, we would have lost both. It was an easy fix, mostly because we chose to cover it with iron for the time being. We checked the remaining glass that we have left, and decided to build an observation deck, but it would take up the remainder of the glass in storage. We sent the supply drone back to Minecraft1.12, asking for mostly glass, and we also sent a sample of the orange fuel we found.


Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018


A lot of things happened yesterday and today. Yesterday, we finished the observatory just in time to see a meteorite fall about a hundred yards away, and the supply drone came back again today, with a lot of glass, a little bit of iron, and a piece of paper telling us that the people on Minecraft1.12 were studying the orange fuel. Amber found herself a stalk? of dead wheat, and was happily eating at the thing in the main room.


Friday, Feb. 16, 2018


We decided to search for the meteorite today, mostly for a trophy from our visit to mars. The plan was to leave Amber with the colony, but she seemed so excited to come, we ended up letting her. We brought some mining utensils to help dig up the fallen rock, and we headed in the general direction of where it landed. After a while, we finally found the place of where it landed, and started digging, trying to locate it. After a while, we noticed Amber trying to pick something up, even though her she was unable to through her space suit. We picked up what she was trying to get at, and it was in fact the meteorite that we were looking for. It was pretty small, about the size of a piece of flint in a flint and steel. We took it back to the main room, and put it on a small stand near the entrance.


Monday, Feb. 16, 2018.


So far we have three farms, an observation deck, the underground main room, and a small spot in the main room for Amber. Looking at this, Alex and I realized that we needed several things, including some way in entertainment, and some kind of meat farm. For the first meat farm, we decided to build a chicken farm, because we can get chicken and eggs from it. We sent the supply drone back to Minecraft1.12 with the list of needed supplies, and today we are going to build a spot for the chicken farm. Ok, I will write more later. Alex is up, and she wants me to join her in building the dome for the chickens.


Thursday, Feb. 19, 2018


We got our eggs today, the ones we are going to raise chickens out of. I left raising them to Alex, since she would most likely be better at it then I. We also got a message from the people on Minecraft1.12 stating that we were going to be getting a new astronaut to help us with building our colony on mars. I hope he arrives soon, for we could do with some help.


Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2018


The chickens hatched out of their eggs today!


Thursday, Feb 26, 2018


A small space pod landed this morning, and our newest astronaut came out to meet us. He seems to be blind, so I do not know how well he will do. He introduced himself as Herobrine.minecraftpeopleonmarsMe, Alex, and Herobrine


Friday, Feb 27, 2018


Herobrine went off on his own this morning. He was acting odd, though. He wanted to leave so badly that he almost forgot his space suit, and he left in such a hurry, that it was almost as if he wanted to be out on Mars alone. Alex and I considered going after him, but a terrible storm hit us. While it was short, and that it damaged nothing, it still seemed strange that an unexpected storm hit just after Herobrine got here. Also, when he returned, he seemed unaware of the storm. But storms happen on mars, so we assumed nothing bad about it.


Sunday, March 1, 2018


Herobrine went off this morning again, and he tried to take Amber, but she seems to have taken a disliking to Herobrine, so he left her with us. Almost immediately after he left, a huge meteorite slammed down, demolishing part of the glass hallway between the spaceship and the main area, missing the airtight door by inches. It took all afternoon to fix it, and when we were done, Herobrine returned, seemingly unaware of what happened.


Monday, March 2, 2018


The chickens are fully grown! Hopefully they will lay eggs soon.


Tuesday, March 3, 2018


Alex and I decided to send Herobrine back to Minecraft1.12 after we caught him trying to break the glass domes on the farms, so we pulled him to his pod and put in a note to the people of Minecraft1.12 not to send him back. We had to force-launch the pod, though, because he refused to.


Tuesday, March 10, 2017


A week has passed since I last wrote, and in that short amount of time, we added a commons area, a cafeteria, and an apartment area, all underground, preparing for more people. Today, we are working on building a material storage room under rather a lot of land. It needs to be big, so we can have enough materials in storage to be self sustaining. I’ll write when it’s finished.


Wednesday, March 18, 2018


The storage room is finished! Alex and I feel that it is time to get some more recruits here on Mars, so Alex is fueling up the space rocket, and preparing it for going back to Minecraft1.12, and Amber seems to know that something is going on, and is very excited for it. The chickens have reproduced, and we have a lot of partially grown and fully grown chickens running around in that dome. All of the plant farms have fully grown, and yes, we managed to put trees in them, too, but at the moment they are just saplings. I’ll write down some more when we get back to Minecraft1.12.


Friday, March 20, 2018


We got back to Minecraft1.12 yesterday, and Amber for one was ready to get off the ship. When Alex and I came out, though, there were lots of people smiling, and cheering, and I knew that we did something right.


This is going to have to be the end of this journal, I am out of pages to write on, so I will have to get another one to keep writing.


    Yours sincerely,







That was the story! What did you think of it? and once again, special thanks to the creator of those pictures, the story would not be the same without them!

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